After hours, days, weeks and months of in-depth research on the topic of homosexuality and the Bible, I have a very exciting announcement to make: I have the answer! For real. I’m so excited to finally be able to share what God has so clearly opened my eyes to.

Before I go there, let me be clear:

I could share with you the fact that the modern English bible versions have strongly chosen words in the passages relating to homosexuality that did not appear in ancient texts.

I could discuss the fact that Sodom and Gomorrah’s condemning sin is a lack of hospitality per Jesus.

I could mention that Leviticus is aimed at separating the Jewish nation from the foreign nation into which God injected them after their wandering was complete.

I could quote the verse in the old law that describes loaning money with interest as an abomination, and how that word didn’t mean then what it means now.

I could share that all of the new testament verses that mention homosexual behaviors are speaking to heterosexual people who have homosexual behaviors.

I could go on and on and on about how many times Jesus and Paul and other new testament writers emphasize agape love as THE commandment. How all other laws hinge on this.

I could re-examine my pages upon pages of notes and highlights and bookmarks in my bible and multiple other sources — notes that express thoughts and ideas that I believe to the absolute core of my being that God lead me to.

But I’m not going to. I’m instead going to sum it all up for you in six words … are you ready? Really? Because this just might shake your world up a bit. Here I go:

God doesn’t care what I think.

Did you get that? GOD. DOESN’T. CARE. WHAT. I. THINK. What I believe about this topic doesn’t mean squat to the creator of the universe. My opinion, no matter how educated and rational, doesn’t change one single thing. 

All of this debate, both within the church and the world, on whether or not homosexuality is a sin and gay people are condemned or saved … is all futile. God knows the truth. And God is going to do what God is going to do. He is going to extend grace to those to whom he wants to extend grace. No manner of knowledge or begging or works is going to change that.

It’s such a simple concept. But it’s not an easy one.

As humans, we value education and knowledge. We value research and study and science. And we should. But we also should always remember not to rely on our own understanding, but on faith. On grace. On love. Above all, on love. On God’s love for us, on our love for each other. That beautiful, unconditional love that glosses over all of our faults and weaknesses.

When I found out my son is gay, I threw myself into study. And still am. That’s not wrong, but I have to remind myself that the study and knowledge is for me. My knowledge doesn’t change my son, nor God, nor God’s will in my son’s life. It changes me, by giving myself over to God’s direction and calling in my life, and it HAS changed me. That’s really what study is about. About changing my heart. My spirit.

God doesn’t care what I think about homosexuality, as he already has it all figured out. But he does care very much what I think about him.